Get The Look of the hottest styles and trends in hair and makeup

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Get The Look of the hottest styles and trends in hair and makeup at Diva’s Empire makeup & hair salon Blaine MN, and we’ve got all the hot trends in hair and makeup to help you get there. Whether you’re looking for a new hairstyle or just need some tips to make your makeup last through the day, we have all your favorites covered here!

Hair styles

  • Braid hairstyles

Braid styles are the most versatile of all braids. You can choose a braid to suit your style, texture and hair length. These styles are perfect for any occasion: they’re versatile, easy to do and look great on everyone! The best thing about this type of braided hairstyle is that it will make you feel like a pro in no time at all!

  • Braided hairstyles for short hair

If you have short hair or no bangs at all then these braids are perfect for you because they’ll give your face some volume without adding extra length to your locks (and also save on styling time). You can create a variety of different looks with these types of braids depending on what kind of style suits best against their complexion: whether it be curly or straight; thick or thin strands…the choice is yours!

Hair trends

  • Long hair is back in style.

The long, luscious locks of the past are making their way back into the spotlight. Long hair is considered more beautiful than ever—and it’s not just a trend; it’s a statement! The longer your hair, the more confidence you’ll have to pull off any look with ease. If you want to try something new or get inspired by an old favorite but don’t know where to start, consider going shorter than what you usually wear—it could just be what makes all the difference between looking like yourself and feeling like royalty (or if nothing else, at least more put together).

Hair colors

  • Spring: Blonde and pink
  • Summer: Brown and red
  • Fall: Red, blue, purple and black (if you’re cool)
  • Winter: Blue


Braids are a great protective style. They can be done in different ways and lengths, with different colors and for many different occasions. For example, you could have them done for formal events like prom or wedding, casual wear like going out to the mall with friends or even just everyday wear like running errands around town.

Braids are also very easy to maintain since all you need is some hair gel and bobby pins (or clips) to keep it in place!

Makeup tips

  • Apply foundation and concealer.
  • Apply mascara to your upper and lower eyelashes.
  • Add eye shadow on the lid, then blend it out with an eyeshadow brush or finger in a circular motion.
  • Use an angled brush to apply bronzer under the cheekbones, down the sides of your nose and under each eye’s inner corner (if you’re using liner). Then add a touch more if desired for extra warmth on top!

Makeup trends

  • Highlight your eyes. A simple way to add color and dimension to the eyes is by using a highlighter, which can be applied in a number of different ways. One of the most popular is using cream eyeliners or pencils with pearlized tips for extra shine and sparkle.
  • Add color to the lips. If you want more pout power—or just want something different from what everyone else is wearing—try adding some lipstick! It’s easy: just apply it lightly over your favorite shade of lip gloss (not chapped). Then give yourself a little kiss by pressing down on your lips together so that they stick together!

Makeup looks for special events, weddings, and work.

Makeup for special events, weddings and work can be a bit of a challenge. There are so many different types of makeup styles to choose from, and the time it takes to apply each one is often lengthy. If you’re looking for an easy way to get the look of the month—or any other style—we have some tips that will help!

First things first: let’s talk about how to apply your favorite beauty product. When applying foundation or powder products (like blush or bronzer), be sure not to overdo it! You don’t want any excess powder on your face because this can cause wrinkles and make skin appear older than its true age. Instead try using just enough so that everything blends together perfectly without being too obvious when viewed under bright lights or in photographs taken by someone else later on down the road after having spent hours getting ready all afternoon long before walking down those stairs at midnight into New York City with nothing but confidence in herself because she knows what kind of person she truly wants him

Get the look of the month on your visit to our salon in Blaine Minnesota.

If you’re looking to get the look of the month, or if you just want to get a new haircut and style, come on over to our salon in Blaine Minnesota. We can help!


We have the latest styles and trends in hair and makeup. Our stylists are trained to help you find the look that is right for your face shape, lifestyle, and budget. We offer free consultations so we can find out what’s best for you!

does hair braiding damage hair ?

super-tight braids Traction alopecia and irreparable damage to the hair follicles can result from pulling on them for months or even years. It's crucial to take breaks occasionally to allow moisturizers and other hair treatments to restore and renew hair.

what hair is good for braiding ?

Thankfully, braiders frequently know which sort is ideal for the design you want to create. It usually takes the form of kanekalon, a synthetic hair type that most often mimics the natural pattern and kinks of Afro-textured hair in either a curled or blown-out state.

does hair braiding help hair grow ?

By giving it a more secure structure, braiding your hair might encourage faster hair growth. Additionally, the style can shield your hair from daily breakage.

which braiding hair is best ?

The finest, most distinctive synthetic hair type known as kanekalon hair is the best hair for box braids.

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